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  • Ecolab Inc.$100M+ Doug Baker
    370 Wabasha St. N.5,001+Public NYSE: ECL
    651-293-2233, 651-293-20921923HQ
    St. Paul, MN
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  • With sales of $6 billion and more than 26,000 associates, Ecolab is the global leader in cleaning, sanitizing, food safety and infection prevention products and services. We deliver comprehensive programs and services to foodservice, food and beverage processing, healthcare, and hospitality markets in more than 160 countries. (close)

  • Mosaic Co.$100M+James Prokopanko
    3033 Campus Drive5,001+Public NYSE: MOS
    763-577-2700, 763-559-28602004HQ
    Plymouth, MN
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    Crop nutrients are essential to feeding a growing global population. That’s where Mosaic comes in. We help the world grow the food it needs. Mosaic is engaged in every phase of crop nutrition development — from the mining of resources to the production of crop nutrients and industrial and feed products for customers around the globe. (close)

  • Techne Corp.$100M+Charles Kummeth
    614 McKinley Place N.E.501-1,000Public NASDAQ: TECH
    612-379-8854, 612-379-65801981HQ
    Minneapolis, MN
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  • TECHNE Corporation (NASDAQ: TECH), incorporated in Minnesota in 1981, is a holding company which has two wholly-owned operating subsidiaries: Research and Diagnostic Systems, Inc. (R&D; Systems) located in Minneapolis, Minnesota and R&D; Systems Europe Ltd. (RDSE) located in Abingdon, England. R&D; Systems is a specialty manufacturer of biological products. It has two operating divisions: Hematology and Biotechnology. The Hematology Division develops and manufactures hematology controls, which are used in hospitals and clinical laboratories to check the accuracy of blood analysis instruments. The Biotechnology Division develops and manufactures biotechnology products including purified proteins (cytokines) and antibodies that are sold primarily to the research market, and assay kits which are sold to the research and clinical diagnostic markets.(close)

  • Medtox Scientific Inc.$50M-$100MRichard Braun
    402 W. County Road D501-1,000Public NASDAQ: MTOX
    651-636-7466, 651-636-53151984HQ
    St. Paul, MN
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    Medtox is a full service laboratory, committed to providing clients with the services and solutions they need to run successful testing programs. For 25 years we have continually added new assays, support programs, new products and full laboratory divisions to meet the needs of our clients. (close)

  • CIMA Labs Inc.$50M-$100MDerek Moe
    7325 Aspen Lane251-500 Public
    763-488-4700, 763-488-48001986Branch
    Brooklyn Park, MN 55428
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  • Pharmaceutical companies trust CIMA delivery technologies to commercialize new drugs and extend the product life cycle of established brands. CIMA specializes in orally disintegrating tablet (ODT), oral transmucosal (OTM) and oral powder drug delivery technologies. In addition, CIMA has expertise in taste-masking and customized release profiles.(close)

  • Virtual Radiologic (vRad)$100M+Charlie Gottdiener
    11995 Singletree Lane, Suite 500101-250 Private
    952-392-1100, 952-942-33612001HQ
    Eden Prairie, MN
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  • Virtual Radiologic Corporation (vRad) is a national radiology practice working in partnership with radiologists and hospitals to optimize radiology’s pivotal role in the delivery of patient care. Enabled by vRad’s next-generation technology, our collaborative partnerships enhance productivity and deliver demonstrated quality outcomes that help lower the overall cost of care.(close)

  • SurModics Inc.$50M-$100MGary Maharaj
    9924 W. 74th St.101-250 Private
    952-829-2700, 952-829-27431979HQ
    Eden Prairie, MN
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  • SurModics, Inc. is a leading provider of drug delivery and surface modification technologies to the healthcare industry. Our technologies are utilized by our customers to either alter the characteristics of the surfaces of devices and biological materials or to enable drug delivery from coatings, implants or injected microparticles. SurModics partners with many of the world’s leading and emerging medical device, pharmaceutical and life sciences companies to develop and commercialize innovative diagnostic and therapeutic products designed to improve patient outcomes.(close)

  • WuXi AppTec$25M-$50MGe Li
    2540 Executive Drive101-250 Public
    651-675-2000, 651-675-20052000Branch
    St. Paul, MN
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  • We offer global pharmaceutical/biopharmaceutical companies diverse outsourcing services in combinatorial, medicinal, synthetic chemistry and manufacturing of API’s and finished drug products for preclinical and clinical trials. Our clients include over 80 leading global pharmaceutical and biotech companies in the U.S., Europe and Japan.(close)

  • Upsher Smith Laboratories Inc.$50M-$100MMark Evenstad
    6701 Evenstad Drive101-250 Private
    763-315-2000, 763-315-20011919HQ
    Maple Grove, MN
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  • Upsher-Smith is pursuing improved drug therapies to improve people’s lives. The evolution of our company is driven by the ever-changing needs of patients, physicians, pharmacists, and healthcare organizations. Our perspective is not “more products,” but the right products that make people’s lives better. At every level of our business, we are driven to be the best. Currently, our product portfolio is focused in the areas of women’s health, dermatology, and cardiology. Our most valuable resources are the people who create and innovate products to support healthcare professionals. (close)

  • Natureworks$25M-$50MMarc Verbruggen
    15305 Minnetonka Blvd.51-100 Private
    952-742-0400, 952-742-0479 1997HQ
    Minnetonka, MN
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    NatureWorks LLC is an independent company wholly owned by Cargill. Dedicated to meeting the world’s needs today without compromising the earth’s ability to meet the needs of tomorrow, NatureWorks LLC is the first company to offer a family of commercially available low carbon footprint polymers derived from 100-percent annually renewable resources with cost and performance that compete with oil-based plastics and fibers. The production of these biopolymers uses less fossil fuel and emits fewer greenhouse gases than conventional polymers.(close)

  • Biotest Laboratories$10M-$25MGregg Mosley
    9303 West Broadway Ave.51-100 Private
    763-785-2414, 763-785-90541988Branch
    Brooklyn Park, MN
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  • Biotest Laboratories, Inc. was organized by Gregg A. Mosley in 1988 as a test laboratory for manufacturers of medical products. To meet growing customer requests, Biotest Laboratories has developed areas of: Contract Manufacturing, Packaging/Assembly, Contract Steam Sterilization, Cleanroom/Cleanbench Testing and Certification, Validation Services, Microbial Management (Evariology), Training and Consulting Services. Class 7 and Class 5 areas are available for manufacturing/assembly, as well as cleaning and passivation lines for various types of implantable devices and drug delivery systems.(close)

  • Betaseed$25M-$50MJoe Dahmer
    1788 Marschall Road51-100 Private
    952-445-8090, 952-496-02051969HQ
    Shakopee, MN
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  • Betaseed is the leading sugarbeet seed supplier for growers in North America. As a primary partner in the sugarbeet industry Betaseed has set the industry standards for disease tolerance combined with high yield potential, availability of Roundup Ready technology and knowledgeable service professionals dedicated to grower success. Sugarbeet growers trust Betaseed to provide them with knowledge, variety performance and timely responses to technical operating questions in order to achieve the highest possible revenue for their operation.(close)

  • MD Biosciences Inc.$10M-$25MEddie Moradian
    2575 University Ave. W., Suite 10051-100 Private
    651-641-1770, 651-641-17732002Branch
    St. Paul, MN
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  • MD Biosciences is a preclinical Contract Research Organization (CRO) offering in vitro and in vivo services to the biopharmaceutical, medical device and animal health & nutrition sectors. Our services include various in vivo disease models for efficacy testing and biomarker analysis using all available methods. Combined in vivo and in vitro protocols can be performed making complex study designs possible. (close)

  • Pace Analytical Services$10M-$25MSteve Vanderboom
    1700 S.E. Elm St.51-100 Private
    612-607-1700, 612-607-64441980HQ
    Minneapolis, MN
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    Pace Analytical provides analytical and environmental testing services, field sampling services, and on-site laboratory operations and management services for a variety of projects – regardless of scope or complexity. With environmental testing laboratories located nationwide and services designed to cover a diverse range of businesses and industries, we’ve made it easy and convenient for customers to access our areas of expertise.(close)

  • Biothera$1M-$5MRichard Mueller
    3388 Mike Collins Drive51-100 Private
    651-675-0300, 651-675-04001997HQ
    Eagan, MN
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    Biothera is developing a drug (Imprime PGG®) to work synergistically with anti-tumor monoclonal antibodies against colon, lung and other cancers. Our business strategy is to continue to advance Imprime PGG through the FDA clinical development process and eventually license the drug to partners that will complete development and take the drug to market. (close)

  • ATS Labs$10M-$25MDoug Anderson
    1285 Corporate Center Drive26-50 Private
    651-379-5510, 651-379-55491989HQ
    St. Paul, MN
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    To the wide range of industries served by ATS Labs, we are the leader in providing the highest quality microbiology, virology, and product chemistry testing services to the developers, manufacturers, and users of antimicrobial products and antimicrobial materials.(close)

  • Antares Pharma Inc.$5M-$10MPaul Wotton
    13755 First Ave. N., Suite 1005-25 Public
    763-475 7700 , 763-476 10091979Branch
    Minneapolis, MN 55441
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  • We are a product focused specialty pharmaceutical company that has developed three proprietary platforms, two of which now include FDA approved products. Our products typically improve safety and efficacy profiles by minimizing dosing and reducing side effects while improving patient compliance.(close)

  • Biovest International Inc.$5M-$10MSamuel Duffey
    8500 Evergreen Blvd.5-25 Public
    763-786-0302, 763-786-09151981Branch
    Minneapolis, MN
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  • Biovest International Inc, is a majority-owned subsidiary of Accentia Biopharmaceuticals Inc., a vertically-integrated specialty biopharmaceutical company with services to commercialize targeted therapeutics. Accentia is a publicly traded company (NASDAQ: ABPI) that has a product portfolio featuring targeted therapeutics, specialty sales and marketing, pharmacoeconomic services, product development, and specialty distribution.(close)

  • BioE$5M-$10MMichael Haider
    4280 Centerville Road5-25 Private
    800-350-6466, 651-426-57401993HQ
    St. Paul , MN
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  • BioE’s mission is to design, develop and bring to market human umbilical cord blood stem cells and the associated tools and technologies needed to develop life-enhancing therapeutics and pharmaceuticals via high-quality cellular research and drug discovery.(close)

  • RiboCor Inc.$1M-$5MRaj Khankari
    7077 Northland Circle N., Suite 100 5-25 Private
    763-746-3910, NA1997HQ
    Minneapolis, MN
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  • Ribocor’s mission is to utilize its proprietary technologies to develop ethical pharmaceuticals to better the lives of patients worldwide who are suffering from some of the most prevalent diseases and conditions affecting mankind, in nearly every case fulfilling needs that are unmet by any other therapy. These diseases exact a great toll, negatively impacting human well-being and productivity and requiring the significant utilization of finite, medical resources. Applications under way or planned include cardiovascular disease, recovery from surgery and other medical interventions, fibromyalgia, and other conditions affecting heart or skeletal muscle metabolism.(close)

  • Stereotaxis Inc.$5M-$10MBill Ham
    7351 Kirkwood Lane, Suite 1165-25 Private
    763–493–6364, 763-493-78491990Branch
    Maple Grove, MN
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  • Stereotaxis’ comprehensive range of proprietary products and solutions, which are built around the technology of magnetics, have introduced a new era in cardiac interventional medicine. This era is one in which physicians are able to safely and remotely perform computerized catheter-based interventional procedures.(close)

  • Receptors$1M-$5MJames Peterson
    1107 Hazeltine Blvd., Suite 510B 5-25 Private
    952-448-4337, 952-448-16512002HQ
    Chaska, MN 55318
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  • RECEPTORS’ mission is to advance the diagnosis and treatment of disease and to enhance the health, safety, and quality of the global environment through the development of artificial receptor products for research and industry.(close)

  • Algos Preclinical Services$5M-$10MGanesh Iyer
    2848 Patton Road5-25 Private
    651-209-0700, 651-209-07272003HQ
    Roseville, MN
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  • Algos is a premier Contract Research Organization (CRO), specializing in preclinical pain in rodent models. We perform Proof-of-Concept, Screening and Efficacy studies in a wide range of in vivo models, including neuropathic, inflammatory, post-surgical, bone/joint and visceral pain.(close)

  • Excorp Medical$1M-$5MDaniel Miller
    3450 Lexington Ave. N.5-25 Private
    651-484-0042, 651-484-00421995HQ
    St. Paul, MN
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  • Excorp Medical, Inc. has developed a Bioartificial Liver System, an extracorporeal process to metabolize toxins from the blood of a patient in acute liver failure.(close)

  • IBL America$5M-$10MMark Kowal
    8201 Central Ave N.E., Suite P5-25 Private
    763-780-2955, 763-780-2988 1997HQ
    Minneapolis, MN
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  • Since 1997 we have offered high quality clinical laboratory reagent assays for research and clinical testing in various areas including autoimmunity, endocrinology, infectious disease, oncology and neuroscience. We feature quality ELISA, LUM, RIA, RRA, IRMA and/or IFA diagnostic tools as well as antibodies from a number of high-quality domestic and international manufacturing partners. We have our own staff of highly qualified and experienced technicians as well as a modern, fully-equipped diagnostics laboratory with capabilities to analyze the majority of the products which we offer.(close)

  • Gel-Del Technologies Inc.$1M-$5MDavid Masters
    1000 Westgate Drive5-25 Private
    651-209-0762, 651-209-07062000HQ
    St. Paul, MN
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  • Gel-Del Technologies produces biomatrix-based materials using purified proteins that can be molded or shaped into almost any form — including tubular, wafer, particle or sheet. It can then be engineered to mimic the body’s own tissue. With this proprietary technology, Gel-Del can design biomaterial that is rigid or pliable, biodegrades rapidly or slowly, incorporates other molecules such as drugs, objects such as stents, or acts as a structure for growing new body parts, such as blood vessels. (close)

  • ImmunoChemistry Technologies$1M-$5MGary Johnson
    9401 James Ave. S.5-25 Private
    952-888-8788, 952-888-89881994HQ
    Bloomington, MN
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    ImmunoChemistry Technologies, LLC, supplies researchers at some of the world’s most prestigious medical institutions with tools critical for discovering promising investigational medicines for treating life threatening illnesses. Based in Bloomington, Minnesota and founded in 1994, ICT is a leading supplier of reagents for laboratory use.(close)

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