Twin Cities Top architectural firms

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  • Short Elliott Hendrickson Inc.$50M-$100MSam Claassen
    3535 Vadnais Center Drive251-500 Private
    651-490-2000, 651-490-21501927HQ
    St. Paul, MN
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  • Short Elliott Hendrickson Inc. is a multidisciplined, single-source consulting firm of engineers, architects, planners and scientists. We specialize in civil works, transportation, environmental, and energy work. We deliver a full range of quality services and focus on superior service to local government, regional and state agencies, federal agencies, and industrial, energy and private-sector clients. We build lasting relationships with clients and provide innovative solutions and service excellence. (close)

  • HGA Architects and Engineers$50M-$100MDaniel Avchen
    420 Fifth St. N., Suite 100251-500 Private
    612-758-4000, 612-758-41991959HQ
    Minneapolis, MN
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  • The history of Hammel, Green and Abrahamson, Inc. (HGA) is a five-decade microcosm of American architectural and social history. For more than 50 years, the architectural and engineering firm has not only responded to emerging trends in the corporate, healthcare, and arts, religious and education sectors of American culture; HGA has often anticipated those trends. The firm has helped shape culture, business and society by consistently creating forward-thinking design solutions for clients and the communities they live in.(close)

  • RSP Architects$50M-$100MDavid Norback
    1220 Marshall St. N.E.251-500 Private
    612-677-7100 , 612-677-74991980HQ
    Minneapolis, MN
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  • For 30 years, the words Right Here. Right Now. have defined RSP Architects’ belief system. This is more than a live-in-the-moment mantra. It is the mindset of each of our 275 talented experts in a diversity of disciplines. We believe that every opportunity — whether it’s a high rise business development in Tianjin, China, a new research laboratory in Minneapolis, or a museum for musical instruments in Phoenix, Arizona – is the project that will define our client’s moment in time. And our own.(close)

  • AECOM$100M+Tom Olesak
    800 LaSalle Ave.101-250 Public
    612-376-2271, NA1990Branch
    Minneapolis, MN
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  • Since the origination of AECOM in 1990, we continue to improve our global resources through local networks. We are made up of some the world’s finest engineering, design and program management companies – with long decades of experience in their respective fields.(close)

  • TKDA$25M-$50MWilliam Deitner
    444 Cedar St., Suite 1500101-250 Private
    651-292-4400 , 651-292-00831910HQ
    St. Paul, MN
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  • TKDA provides communities, public agencies, and businesses with engineering, architecture and planning services in five key markets: Aviation, Rail, Surface Transportation, Municipal Services, and Facilities. Headquartered in Saint Paul, Minnesota since 1910, our project teams serve clients nationwide from Saint Paul and four additional office locations.(close)

  • LHB Inc.$25M-$50MWilliam Bennett
    250 Third Ave. N., Suite 450101-250 Private
    612-338-2029, 612-338-2088 1966HQ
    Minneapolis, MN
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    Founded on the northern shores of Duluth, LHB was built with an entrepreneurial spirit that lead the way for engineering services in Minnesota. In 1966 LHB was incorporated in Minnesota as a structural engineering firm. As Minnesota communities grew and prospered, so did the demand for additional professional services from LHB. To meet the demand, we grew our business by adding architects, civil, mechanical and electrical engineers, landscape architects, interior designers, and surveyors. LHB is now a full-service firm with offices in Duluth and Minneapolis that can complete all facets of a project using dedicated, in-house teams.(close)

  • Cuningham Group Architecture$25M-$50MTim Dufault
    201 Main St. S.E., Suite 325101-250 Private
    612-379-3400, 612-379-44001968HQ
    Minneapolis, MN
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  • Cuningham Group provides a team-based approach to architecture that achieves design excellence using a collaborative process. By applying a diverse set of creative talents, Cuningham Group channels the energy and imagination of clients, staff, and other team members to create architecture that is both practical and meaningful. This approach best serves clients who seek high-quality architectural design that makes optimum use of resources, and who seek a design process that respects, articulates, and fulfills their values and goals.(close)

  • BWBR Architects$25M-$50MPete Smith
    380 St. Peter St., Suite 600101-250 Private
    651-222-3701, 651-222-8961 1920HQ
    St. Paul, MN
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  • BWBR Architects is a full-service St. Paul architectural and interior design firm with a diverse practice and history dating back to the 1920s. Our 100% employee-owned firm has a staff of approximately 100 to serve our clients in a number of markets, including health care; detention, corrections, justice; education; office; technology, manufacturing; recreation/community; religious; specialty residential; and transportation. Repeat clients comprise more than 3/4 of our annual workload.(close)

  • Leo A Daly$10M-$25MTed Redmond
    730 Second Ave. S., Suite 1100101-250 Private
    612-338-8741, 612-338-48401915Branch
    Minneapolis, MN
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  • The Minneapolis office is a national leader in manufacturing and distribution, with expertise in refrigeration engineering. Notable projects include Safeway Distribution Centers in Auburn, Washington and Clackamas, Oregon; warehousing projects for Target and Walgreens; the Minneapolis Convention Center; two Fairview Health Services medical centers in Minnesota; numerous projects at Ellsworth Air Force Base in South Dakota; and the Visitors Quarters at Kunsan Air Base in the Republic of Korea.(close)

  • Wold Architects and Engineers$10M-$25MMichael Cox
    305 St. Peter St.51-100 Private
    651-227-7773 , 651-223-56461967HQ
    St. Paul, MN
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  • Wold Architects and Engineers is a full-service architecture and engineering firm with corporate headquarters in St. Paul, Minnesota, and regional offices in Palatine, Illinois Royal Oak, Michigan, and Denver, Colorado. Our dynamic, growth-oriented company provides a wide range of services for it’s predominantly public-sector clients, including new facility design, and problem-solving for existing facility issues. Wold believes in a multi-disciplined team-based environment, which fosters holistic problem solving and stimulates growth. We know this allows our talented staff an opportunity for continuous growth and training to further develop their professional skills while providing quality design services to our clients. Through all of these efforts, it is our mission to produce quality design that matches our clients’ and their constituents’ expectations.(close)

  • Perkins+Will$10M-$25MJeff Ziebarth
    84 10th St. S., Suite 20051-100 Private
    612-851-5000, 612-851-50011935Branch
    Minneapolis, MN
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  • With a nearly 20-year presence in Minnesota, the Minneapolis office focuses its efforts on architecture, planning and interior design services for healthcare, higher education, and corporate facilities. The office’s world-class team has forged valuable community alliances while working on projects locally, nationally and internationally. Landmark endeavors include the largest interiors project in firm history – the 1.6 million square foot corporate headquarters for Best Buy; the largest research building on the University of Minnesota campus, the Molecular Cellular Biology Building; and the new St. Francis Regional Medical Center, which will serve one of the fastest growing residential areas in the country.(close)

  • Boarman Kroos Vogel Group Inc.$10M-$25MJack Boarman
    222 N. Second St.51-100 Private
    612-339-3752, 612-339-62121978HQ
    Minneapolis, MN
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    Boarman Kroos Vogel Group (BKV Group), founded in 1978, is a full-service architectural, interior design, landscape architecture, engineering and construction administration firm with offices located in Minneapolis and Chicago. Collectively we represent a practice whose expertise is cross-disciplinary and team-focused; and offers our clients a design-oriented approach to create architectural solutions. Knowing that our ultimate responsibility is to our clients, we design and provide services that satisfy the needs of each client’s building program, schedule and budget. With each project, our firm continues to grow in breadth and depth, responsiveness and flexibility. As creative design professionals we engage our clients in the process of creating enduring designs that enhance our environment. (close)

  • Elness Swenson Graham Architects Inc.$10M-$25M Mark Swenson
    500 Washington Ave. S., Suite 108051-100 Private
    612-339-5508, 612-339-53821970HQ
    Minneapolis, MN
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  • Since our founding in 1970, Elness Swenson Graham Architects has helped our clients create environments for business, community and leisure.In doing so, we have gained the experience and ability to deliver high quality designs for many building types. But this alone is not enough to achieve our mission. The essence of ESG is more than just architecture and buildings. Throughout our entire time, our commitment to enriching our built environment has remained steadfast. It’s a commitment that drives us to go beyond the expected to deliver the superior, the timeless, the memorable and the unique; to create environments that capture the human spirit and uplift our lives. This is what we do best. We strive to combine our clients’ needs and stewardship for the environment with our knowledge of buildings, markets and culture to deliver uplifting and forward-looking design solutions. The experience derived from our work allows us to offer each client great breadth of informed and integrated services. We bring holistic solutions to complex problems. We create truly unique environments that enhance our communities and help our clients successfully pursue their goals in the development and construction industries. (close)

  • Architectural Alliance$10M-$25MCarey Brendalen
    400 Clifton Ave. S.51-100 Private
    612-871-5703, 612-871-72121970HQ
    Minneapolis, MN
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    Architectural Alliance is an architectural design firm with architects, interior designers, planners and support staff. Established in Minneapolis in 1970, the firm provides planning, architectural and interior design services and has received international recognition and design awards. (close)

  • CMA$10M-$25MPatrick Blees
    219 N. Second St., Suite 30151-100 Private
    612-338-6677, 612-338-29951979Branch
    Minneapolis, MN
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  • For over 30 years, CMA has provided complete architectural, planning, and interior design services nationwide for projects including retail, restaurant, government, hospitality, religious, educational, and housing. CMA continues to promote and develop a staff who demonstrates the special blend of imagination, experience, technical expertise and consistent performance that is reflected in over three decades of superior design solutions for an ever-broadening client base.(close)

  • DLR Group$10M-$25MTom Gerster
    520 Nicollet Mall, Suite 20051-100 Private
    612-977-3500, 612-977-36001966Branch
    Minneapolis, MN
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  • DLR Group is an integrated design firm providing architecture, engineering, planning, and interior design. Our promise is to elevate the human experience through design. This promise inspires sustainable design for corporate, higher education, justice, K-12, and sports clients across the country.(close)

  • Pope Associates Inc.$10M-$25MJon Pope
    1295 Bandana Blvd. N., Suite 20051-100 Private
    651-642-9200, 651-642-11011974HQ
    St. Paul, MN
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  • Our collaborative approach to client service stems from a high-energy work environment where doing a job well takes priority over how it gets done. Our senior management team contributes to every project we do and inspires an enjoyable creative process. Each professional at Pope Associates helps foster our genuinely warm, friendly, fun and exciting work environment.(close)

  • Miller Dunwiddie Architecture Inc.$10M-$25MCraig Lau
    123 N. Third St., Suite 10451-100 Private
    612-337-0000, 612-337-00311963HQ
    Minneapolis, MN
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  • Good architecture is about people. Whether they’re working or playing, moving in or just passing through; it’s people that make a building come alive. At Miller Dunwiddie, we design every space with its future occupants in mind. Through architecture, historic preservation, interior design, construction services, and design visualization, we can help you create an environment that is both functional and beautiful. Whether you’re building a state-of-the-art facility or renovating a treasured historic landmark, we’ll help you make your project a place where people will thrive for years to come.(close)

  • Walsh Bishop Associates Inc.$10M-$25MDennis Walsh
    900 3rd St. N.26-50 Private
    612-338-8799, 612-337-57851984HQ
    Minneapolis, MN
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  • Since 1984, Walsh Bishop Associates has focused on client success through design excellence in corporate, workplace, entertainment, hospitality, and housing projects nationwide. We are now an employee-owned organization. Our work is sustainable, imaginative, cost-effective, and operationally successful. We have earned our reputation as a leader in creating awardwinning designs. We embrace a comprehensive approach to design, understanding that it is not autonomous, it is contextual. People and environments exist in a context made up of the individual, the group, the community, the region, the nation, the planet. As we design environments, we consider context, large and small. We explore how design connects people to people, people to structures, structures to structures, and structures to our planet.(close)

  • Meyer Scherer & Rockcastle$10M-$25MJack Poling
    710 S. Second St., Eighth Floor26-50 Private
    612-375-0336 , 612-342-22161981HQ
    Minneapolis, MN
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  • Nearly 80% of our work comes through referrals -past clients recommending us to new ones or lifelong clients who, once we’ve designed their workspace, hire us for their homes, vacation homes, and other spaces. They value our commitment to great design and we value the conversations, the challenges, and the passion exhibited by each individual. Whether we are working with a homeowner, a Fortune 500 CEO, or an entire community, we believe great design is a product of active, involved, and passionate debate. (close)

  • PDI World Group$5M-$10MStephan Huh
    300 First Ave. N., Suite 40026-50 Private
    612-333-1140, 612-333-11901958HQ
    Minneapolis, MN
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  • 40 years of architectural design, planning and management experience throughout the world. Specialized design teams to match each project and location with on-site staff and knowledge of individual needs and traditions.(close)

  • Collaborative Design Group Inc.$5M-$10MWilliam Hickey
    100 Portland Ave. S., Suite 10026-50 Private
    612-332-3654, 612-332-3626 NA HQ
    Minneapolis, MN
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  • Collaborative Design Group, Inc., is an award winning Architectural, Engineering, Interiors and Planning firm located in downtown Minneapolis. We are a firm dedicated to attracting and retaining quality, talented and loyal employees. We are committed to providing our employees with opportunities for personal and professional growth. The success of our firm depends on the creative contributions of our talented staff.(close)

  • Horty Elving$5M-$10MBarbara Kassanchuk
    505 E. Grant St.26-50 Private
    612-332-4422, 612-344-12821955HQ
    Minneapolis, MN
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  • Horty Elving is a full-service, multi-disciplinary firm specializing in community healthcare facility design. Our practice has assisted over 500 healthcare facilities in the midwest, with a presentday construction value well in excess of a billion dollars.(close)

  • Sala Architects Inc.$5M-$10MWayne Branum
    326 E. Hennepin Ave., Suite 2005-25 Private
    612-379-3037, 612-379-00011983HQ
    Minneapolis, MN
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  • SALA Architects, Inc. is an architectural design firm founded in 1983. We have focused on energy efficient and ecologically sensitive design for more than 25 years and have built our reputation translating client dreams into uniquely designed and artfully crafted structures that sit lightly on the land. Our unique skills and experience have been a catalyst for spaces that become special to their users. It has always been our mission at SALA to combine exceptional beauty with functionality and sustainability in our designs. The stylistic range or our finished work is a reflection of the unique specialties of our staff as well as our responsiveness and sensitivity to the unique criteria and environment for each project we undertake.(close)

  • DJR Architecture Inc.$5M-$10MDean Dovolis
    333 Washington Ave. N., Suite 2105-25 Private
    612-676-2700, 612-676-27961985HQ
    Minneapolis, MN
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  • Established in 1985, DJR Architecture has its roots in the Phillips neighborhood of Minneapolis where it joined efforts with local non-profit organizations to create options for affordable housing and promote urban design strategies to stimulate community development. During that period, DJR established a citywide reputation for taking difficult sites and designing capable and imaginative solutions. During the course of its twenty-four year history, DJR emerged as one of the area’s leading firms in all segments of the housing market, and the practice expanded to include, mixed-use development, retail and commercial development, and urban design and master planning. Over time, the firm’s resourceful and pragmatic designs have become a part of the Twin Cities urban fabric. (close)

  • Mohagen/Hansen Architectural Group$5M-$10MTodd Mohagen
    1000 Twelve Oaks Center Drive, Suite 2005-25 Private
    952-426-7400, 952-426-7440 1982HQ
    Wayzata, MN
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  • We believe that how we work is as important as what we create. We know that the key to developing long-term client relationships -and continuing to grow our business -is combining our highly interactive planning process with the personalized service we’ve spent twenty years perfecting. From conception to completion, our specialized team can provide a wide range of professional services on your next project.(close)

  • WAI Continuum$5M-$10MDavid Wolterstorff
    381 E. Kellogg Blvd.5-25 Private
    651-227-0644, 651-223-50921983HQ
    St. Paul, MN
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  • For over 27 years, WAI Continuum has specialized in architectural design, while offering clients a full spectrum of services not typically available from a single firm – architecture, interior architecture and development consulting. These service groups of WAI Continuum can be used individually or in conjunction with one another. Regardless of the combination in which our services are utilized, clients benefit from working with professionals who understand how all the pieces come together. (close)

  • Bentz/ Thompson/ Rietow Inc.$5M-$10MAnn Voda
    801 Nicollet Mall, Suite 8015-25 Private
    612-332-1234, 612-332-18131971HQ
    Minneapolis, MN
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  • Our firm was established in 1971 for the practice of architecture, interior design and urban design. The principals of our firm bring together a broad variety of talents and experiences which address all of the various needs of an architectural practice, ranging from programming and design to construction administration. We are dedicated to meeting client needs for design solutions which balance all aspects of a project including aesthetics, function, cost, schedule and delivery. This commitment to performance is demonstrated by hundreds of past associations with clients––often on a continuing basis––since the firm’s inception.(close)

  • Rafferty Rafferty Tollefson Lindeke Architects Inc.$5M-$10MCraig Rafferty
    278 E. Seventh St.5-25 Private
    651-224-4831 , 651-228-0264 NA HQ
    St. Paul, MN
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  • A vibrant design community committed to quality design, we seek to create designs that lift the human spirit, respect the environment, and effectively meet the needs of each client.(close)

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