Twin Cities Top advertising agencies

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  • Fallon Worldwide$50M-$100MChris Foster
    901 Marquette Ave., Suite 2400101-250 Private
    612-758-2345, 612-758-23461981HQ
    Minneapolis, MN
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  • Full service Advertising Agency headquartered in the Twin Cities.Fallon’s ambition to outsmart has been unwavering. Today outsmarting requires a more generous approach to marketing. Generous brands create something of value in the world: entertainment value, social value, and belief value. Generous brands are additive to peoples’ lives and to culture. They help build ideas in the world; they leave something behind. Modern branding is learning to give as much as you take.(close)

  • Campbell Mithun$50M-$100MRob Buchner
    222 S. Ninth St.251-500 Private
    612-347-1000, 612-347-15151933HQ
    Minneapolis, MN
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  • Strategic planning. Creative. Digital strategy and creative development. Design. Media planning and buying. All are disciplines we specialize in. Direct response, traditional or digital. Promotion marketing. Point of sale. Package design. Youth and family marketing. We can leverage all, some, or merely one of our services for your brand. But we’re most proud of our ability to make all our disciplines work in concert to deliver exponential marketplace results. At Campbell Mithun, we make Everything Talk for our clients.(close)

  • Carmichael Lynch$25M-$50MMike Lescarbeau
    110 N. Fifth St.251-500 Private
    612-334-6000, 612-334-60901962HQ
    Minneapolis, MN
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    At Carmichael Lynch, we’re building some of the most beloved and iconic brands in the world. Brands that are transcending their categories, competition and budgets to become not just successful, but a part of the American conversation.(close)

  • Periscope$25M-$50MGreg Kurowski
    921 Washington Ave. S.251-500 Private
    612-399-0500, 612-399-06001994HQ
    Minneapolis, MN
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    Full service Advertising Agency. More thinking. More resources. More potential. We make it our mission to bring more to our clients every day. And we can. As one of the nation’s most successful independent agencies, we don’t answer to shareholders and publicly held financial models. Instead, we partner with clients and create ideas that make their brands more successful.(close)

  • Martin Williams$25M-$50MTom Moudry
    60 S. Sixth St., Suite 2800101-250 Private
    612-340-0800, 612-342-97001947HQ
    Minneapolis, MN
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  • Martin Williams is an idea-driven creative agency based in Minneapolis. The pull to fall back on what worked before is incredibly strong. For a long time, brands told consumers what to think. Brands were big. Consumers were small. But that’s changed. Consumers engage with brands on their terms now. This new world order can break open lucrative new pathways for brands savvy enough, and willing, to take them. To take advantage of this, our entire agency is structured around ideas, literally down to the floor plan. This causes communication that is insightful, lightning-fast, open and pointed. And that creates an environment where never-before-seen ideas, that fit a never-before-seen landscape, can emerge. Advertising, brand strategy, interactive, media planning & buying, design, & response planning.(close)

  • Olson$10M-$25MJohn Partilla
    420 North 5th St., Suite 1000101-250 Private
    612-215-9800, 612-215-98011992HQ
    Minneapolis, MN
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  • Full service Advertising Agency and Public Relations firm. Advertising is over, and the future is going in circles—social circles. We gather with those who share our interests, our passions and our ambitions. We connect in the real world, and the digital one. We connect people to brands through these social circles. The philosophy, science and creativity of our business are designed to inspire communities to make their circles bigger, and evangelize outside of them. Because we know the brands who find themselves at the center of these social circles are the ones who surpass all their goals.(close)

  • Colle+McVoy$25M-$50MChristine Fruechte
    400 First Ave. N., Suite 700101-250 Private
    612-305-6000, 612-305-65001935HQ
    Minneapolis, MN
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    Full service Advertising Agency. It’s in our genetic code. As people. As teams. As a company. We’re a 70+ year-old agency with the soul of a startup. We believe that you can’t innovate if you don’t collaborate. But most of all, we have passionate people who take great pride in solving problems and creating superb results for our clients.(close)

  • Risdall Advertising Agency$10M-$25MTed Risdall
    550 Main St.51-100 Private
    651-286-6700, 651-631-2561 1972HQ
    New Brighton, MN
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    Full service Advertising Agency and PR Firm. The year 2009 marks our 37th anniversary. In an industry where longevity is often measured in months, we are well into our fourth decade of providing clients with incredible results in building their businesses. We are now Minnesota’s 7th oldest advertising agency out of over 700. The 2009 Business Information Guide ranks us the 8th largest Minnesota advertising agency, the #1 web developer and the 5th largest PR firm. Our annual capitalized billings have exceeded $100 million for the last eight years. We have created an insanely large body of great work for our clients, helping them create, build and benefit from their brands.(close)

  • Scales Advertising$5M-$10MWalt Larsen
    2303 Wycliff St.51-100 Private
    651-641-0226, 651-641-10311971HQ
    St. Paul, MN
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    Scales Advertising’s creative talent, marketing know how, and account management blend together to achieve that successful balance. The result? Excellent creative work designed with intention -on time and within any given project.(close)

  • Space150$10M-$25MBilly Jurewicz
    212 Third Ave. N., Suite 15051-100 Private
    612-332-6458 , 612-332-64582000HQ
    Minneapolis, MN
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  • We reinvent brands to take advantage of today’s new ideas, new technologies, and new possibilities. We strip down to the core DNA that makes a brand unique and beautiful, and discover new ways to make it beautiful again, new ways it can connect with new generations.(close)

  • Clarity Coverdale Fury$5M-$10MTim Clarity
    120 S. Sixth St., Suite 130026-50 Private
    612-339-3902, 612-359-43991979HQ
    Minneapolis, MN
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    We’re using new media like interactive, user generated content, brand theater, viral and emerging technologies as well as traditional media to help create a relevant dialogue with your audience.(close)

  • Yamamoto$5M-$10MKathy McCuskey
    252 First Ave. N.26-50 Private
    612-375-0180, 612-342-24241979HQ
    Minneapolis, MN
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    Yamamoto Moss Mackenzie (YMM) is a brand agency. We help clients create their brands, giving them tools that define their core principles, their personalities and their market positions. From that, we help them develop their names, identities and voices.(close)

  • Bolin Marketing$5M-$10MTodd Bolin
    2523 Wayzata Blvd., Suite 30026-50 Private
    612-374-1200, 612-377-4226 1950HQ
    Minneapolis, MN
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    At Bolin, every ounce of energy expended is about driving profitable growth for our clients. How? By pushing buttons, pulling levers and connecting the dots between ideas and brands, between you and your customers. What makes us different? We have walked in your shoes. Some of us grew up on the agency side. But many have led marketing and business teams in small upstarts and Fortune 500. (close)

  • JT Mega Food Marketing$5M-$10MPhil Lee
    4020 Minnetonka Blvd.26-50 Private
    952-929-1370, 952-929-54171976HQ
    Minneapolis, MN
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  • We’re a quiet agency making lots of noise in the food marketing arena. In fact, we’re one of the only agencies in the USA with this unique specialization, and our clients include some of the top names in the industry. We’re all about food: we marvel at it, analyze it, puzzle over it, and sing its praises. Our understanding of the food industry is second only to our passion for it.(close)

  • Peterson Milla Hooks Advertising$10M-$25MDave Peterson
    1315 Harmon Place26-50 Private
    612-349-9116, 612-349-91411989HQ
    Minneapolis, MN
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    MH is most successful with clients who value the power of style and design to elevate their brands and build affinity with their customers. As Target’s long-time agency partner, we have helped create a look, feel and personality for Target that has propelled it into the company of the world’s leading icon brands. Our work for Target has been incredibly broad and varied – brand image, fashion, home furnishings, cosmetics, music, electronics, performance apparel, even toothpaste and toilet paper. In other words, while our client roster isn’t extensive, our category experience is.(close)

  • Gabriel deGrood Bendt$5M-$10MKatie Warren
    608 Second Ave. S., Suite 12926-50 Private
    612-547-5000, 612-547-50901997HQ
    Minneapolis, MN
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    GdB is an independent owned, Minneapolis-based marketing services agency, offering expertise in brand strategy and communications including advertising, interactive and PR.(close)

  • Russell Herder$5M-$10MCarol Russell
    222 S. Ninth St., Suite 285026-50 Private
    612-455-2360, 612-333-76361983HQ
    Minneapolis, MN
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  • We work in such industries as healthcare, building materials, destinations, marine, social causes and more. From strategic planning to product introductions, brand building programs to online campaigns, we achieve bottom-line results for our clients. (close)

  • Mono$5M-$10MJames Scott
    3036 Hennepin Ave.26-50 Private
    612-454-4900, NA2004HQ
    Minneapolis, MN
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    Mono is a Minneapolis-based company that believes in the power of simplicity, putting it to work to create innovative communications for clients that include Herman Miller, Apple, Blu Dot and the Harvard Business School.(close)

  • Next Communications$1M-$5MDennis Gallaher
    10249 Yellow Circle Drive, Suite 1005-25 Private
    952-934-8220, 952-934-23751998HQ
    Minnetonka, MN
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  • Embracing innovation. Inspiring unconventional thinking. Demanding excellence. Making your customers and prospects prefer your products and services over every other brand. (close)

  • Nemer Fieger$1M-$5MJ. Marie Fieger
    6250 Excelsior Blvd.5-25 Private
    952-925-4848, 952-925-19071957HQ
    St. Louis Park, MN
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    Nemer Fieger combines uncommon insight with common sense solutions that are on message, on time and on budget. If your customers aren’t talking about your brand, we can help. We start conversations that keep people talking. Big brands, well-known organizations and up-and-coming companies all call upon Nemer Fieger to create short-term and long-range strategic and tactical initiatives that drive traffic and sales. They put the power and agility of Nemer Fieger behind successful marketing and advertising efforts.(close)

  • Broadhead$5M-$10MDean Broadhead
    123 N. Third St., Suite 5075-25 Private
    612-623-8000, 612-623-48102001HQ
    Minneapolis, MN
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  • Broadhead is a marketing communications agency that’s a little leaner and more experienced than other groups you may have worked with. From the get go, we’ve devoted ourselves to two principles: to understand our clients business and do great work. The best way we know how to do that is to invest in talented, experienced people who bring great thinking to our clients. So if you’re looking for an agency that’s helping to drive agribusiness, energy, food safety and rural lifestyle marketing, take a look around here. Our work and our clients tell our story. No bull.(close)

  • Morsekode$1M-$5MMark Morse
    7900 International Drive, Suite 1405-25 Private
    952-853-9555, 952-853-22502002HQ
    Minneapolis, 55401
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  • Morsekode is an integrated marketing, branding and digital agency. We deepen the engagement people have with brands through creative ideas that have impact. Online or offline, our team works with you to create a full brand experience that is both highly usable and strategically aligned. We’re lean and mean, and we all follow one rule: we compose ideas that grow business.(close)

  • Words At Work$1M-$5MDave Levi
    800 Washington Ave. N., Suite 2505-25 Private
    612-334-5960, 612-334-31701988HQ
    Minneapolis, MN
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  • Words At Work was founded as a marketing communications agency in 1988. We quickly earned a reputation as a “thinking” company, providing clients with a deeper perspective on their audiences, issues and communication strategies. Our approach stems from several distinct opinions about communication:(close)

  • Tartan Marketing$1M-$5MMargie MacLachlan
    10467 93rd Ave. N.5-25 Private
    763-391-7575, 763-391-75762000Branch
    Maple Grove, MN
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    Marketing that grows your business. From the inside out. Looking at things a little differently. Coming up with solutions from a unique angle. Knowing your business backwards and forwards. That’s what Inside Out Insights are. And that’s how we do things at Tartan Marketing. We are a full service B2B agency that specializes in helping food, manufacturing and service companies energize their brands and grow their businesses. Leverage our insights for marketing strategies that deliver results up and down your supply chain, internal programs that inspire your team from top to bottom, and powerful branding that pushes your sales over the top.(close)

  • Initio Inc.$1M-$5MPaul Chapin
    212 Third Ave. N., Suite 5105-25 Private
    612-339-7195, 612-333-06321998HQ
    Minneapolis, MN
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  • Start with the end. The definition of Initio is literally “beginning”. For us, that means starting with end goal in mind. It means creating a communications strategy that not only matches up with how your customers view your brand today, but also how you want them to view it tomorrow. (close)

  • Linnihan Foy Advertising$1M-$5MNeal Linnihan
    615 First Ave. N.E., Suite 3205-25 Private
    612-331-3586, 612-238-3000 2002HQ
    Minneapolis, MN
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  • We offer clients the capabilities needed for growth. What’s more, our clients’ projects are handled by senior level ad agency professionals with a firm grasp of the variables who understand how to deliver a desired outcome. Our portfolio covers a wide range of categories within both business to consumer and business to business marketing.(close)

  • PH Digital Labs$1M-$5MKyle Meehan
    510 First Ave. N., Suite 2105-25 Private
    612-269-8419, NA2012HQ
    Minneapolis, MN, MN
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  • PH Digital Labs is a digital marketing agency in Minneapolis, MN that specializes in four basic, yet potent online marketing tactics: search engine marketing (SEM/ SEO/ PPC), social media marketing, digital content & PR, and intelligent web design.(close)


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