Twin Cities Top pr firms

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  • Weber Shandwick$25M-$50MSara Gavin
    8000 Norman Center Drive, Suite 400101-250 Public
    952-832-5000, 952-346-60352001Branch
    Bloomington, MN
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  • Weber Shandwick has built a collaborative team of the industry’s most talented professionals, a client roster that includes many of the world’s most recognized and respected brands, and a proven track record of unparalleled performance. We provide strategic counsel and program execution services that span the complete range of communications disciplines and industry sectors. Services range from marketing communications, media relations and issues management to public affairs, crisis communications, and CEO and corporate reputation management. Our specialized integrated services include interactive and emerging media, advocacy advertising, market research and visual communications.(close)

  • Gage$25M-$50MBeth Labreche
    10000 Hwy 55101-250 Private
    763-595-3800, 763-595-38711992HQ
    Plymouth, MN
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  • The world’s premier brands come to Gage for marketing that matters. We help clients grow sales, profits and market share. We spur consumers, customers and partners to take action. We’re the technology-savvy, strategically-driven – and results-obsessed – marketing agency.(close)

  • Padilla Speer Beardsley$10M-$25MLynn Casey
    1101 W, River Pkwy., Suite 40051-100 Private
    612-455-1700, 612-455-10601961HQ
    Minneapolis, MN
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  • You need to communicate with your audiences in a way that’s consistent, memorable and motivating. That requires messages that don’t just “sound good,” but also are designed to change behavior. Padilla Speer Beardsley has developed proven methodologies for arriving at compelling, action-oriented messaging, including Communicating for ActionSM, Brand Builder and Message Pyramid. We leverage our highly experienced research team to uncover audience hot buttons, assess reaction to your story, and fine-tune your approach if needed. (close)

  • Risdall McKinney Public Relations$10M-$25MRose McKinney
    550 Main St., Suite 10051-100 Private
    651-286-6774, 651-631-25611972HQ
    New Brighton, MN
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  • Full service Advertising Agency and PR Firm. The year 2009 marks our 37th anniversary. In an industry where longevity is often measured in months, we are well into our fourth decade of providing clients with incredible results in building their businesses. We are now Minnesota’s 7th oldest advertising agency out of over 700. The 2009 Business Information Guide ranks us the 8th largest Minnesota advertising agency, the #1 web developer and the 5th largest PR firm. Our annual capitalized billings have exceeded $100 million for the last eight years. We have created an insanely large body of great work for our clients, helping them create, build and benefit from their brands.(close)

  • Tunheim Partners$5M-$10MKathryn Tunheim
    8009 34th Ave. S., Suite 110026-50 Private
    952-851-1600, 952-851-16101990HQ
    Minneapolis, MN
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    At Tunheim Partners, we bring to our work a commitment to strategic thinking and client service, a track record of creativity and the ability to execute effectively and efficiently. We employ a client-intimate approach to relationships rooted in a solid understanding of our clients’ cultures and strategies. Our approach is straightforward: we listen carefully, learn quickly and act decisively to execute communications programs that embody our clients’ brands, adding value with measurable results. We start with the belief that communications must be a broadly held management responsibility integrated into strategic and tactical planning. We then apply a communications model that ensures our clients’ communications programs are driven by business strategy. (close)

  • Haberman & Associates Inc.$5M-$10MFred Haberman
    430 First Ave. N, Suite 21626-50 Private
    612-338-3900, 612-338-48442000HQ
    Minneapolis, MN
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  • Every story has a setting – the time and space in which events take place. At Haberman, the time is now, and the space is all around us. Great stories resonate like nothing else. They connect. They inspire. They drive action. As a brand public relations firm, we help you define your brand – who you are, what you stand for, how you’re different and what you offer to the world. Whether you’re a pioneering person, a growing organization or a global corporation, we’ll tell your story using the communication tools you see here. We don’t restrict ourselves to traditional media.(close)

  • Karwoski and Courage$5M-$10MGlenn Karwoski
    60 S. Sixth St., Suite 280026-50 Private
    612-342-9649, 612-342-43401992HQ
    Minneapolis, MN
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  • We know the importance of ROI to our clients, and we understand that not all media impressions are created equal. That’s why we aim to drive sales and increase market share for our clients by creating brand champions through the power of credible, targeted endorsement. We do this through creative integrated campaigns designed to reach our targets repeatedly, and across multiple media platforms. We also build in measurement from the beginning so that our clients are able to see proof of their dollars at work.(close)

  • Exponent Public Relations$1M-$5MTom Lindell
    400 First Ave. N., Suite 6005-25 Private
    612-305-6003, 612-305-6501 NA HQ
    Minneapolis, MN
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  • Belief. It’s a powerful word. A sustaining word. At Exponent PR, it’s also the foundation and result of everything we do for our clients. In a world overwhelmed with competitive messages, multiple media and clashing agendas attempting to curry public favor, Exponent maintains a singular focus: We will create and sustain belief in your brand. Creating belief is no small task. Agency theories or models often look good on paper, but are usually no more than marketing hooey. What sets Exponent apart is our steadfast commitment to specific steps that lead to belief:(close)

  • Kohnstamm Communications$1M-$5MJosh Kohnstamm
    400 N. Robert St., Suite 14505-25 Private
    651-228-9141, 651-298-06281991HQ
    St. Paul, MN
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  • Kohnstamm Communications is an independent marketing and public relations firm comprised of PR industry veterans whose agency approach is based on providing clients significant ROI, transparency, client satisfaction, and strategic insight that combines to provide them with a robust business advantage in the marketplace.(close)

  • Public Affairs Company$1M-$5MSteve Knuth
    333 S. Seventh St., Suite 22505-25 Private
    612-313-2620, 612-313-2615 NA HQ
    Minneapolis, MN
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    Public Affairs Company (PAC) is a nationally recognized government relations firm specializing in grassroots politics and media relations. We have offices in Minneapolis, Minnesota , Madison , Wisconsin , Sioux Falls , South Dakota and Washington , DC . In 2009 we were recognized by the Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal as one of the Twin Cities’ 50 Fastest Growing Companies for the third year in a row. We employ 14 professionals with significant expertise and experience in grassroots and issue management campaigns. Our clients range from Fortune 500 companies to national trade associations to small not-for-profits. Over the past decade, PAC has engaged on a wide array of issues and public policy debates. Our clients often find themselves and their challenges on the front pages of newspapers.(close)

  • Himle Rapp & Co. Inc.$1M-$5MJohn Himle
    333 S. 7th St., Suite 24005-25 Private
    612-843-4500, NA NA HQ
    Minneapolis, MN
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  • Himle Horner Inc. has earned a reputation as a leading strategic public affairs and public relations firm on the results we deliver for clients. We work closely with clients to create a partnership that meets their needs. Our highest priority is in insuring that communications and public affairs strategies are well developed and clearly aligned with the business goals of our client organizations. Effective tactics will flow from the right strategy.(close)

  • Goff Public$1M-$5MChris Georgacas
    255 E. Kellogg Blvd., Suite 1025-25 Private
    651-292-8062, 651-292-80911994HQ
    St. Paul, MN
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  • Goff & Howard is a public affairs and public relations agency based in St. Paul. Our team approach to serving clients ensures that they receive the best service from a team of experts specially assembled to meet their unique needs. We offer a full range of public relations and public affairs services, and work with clients to determine the right mix of services to help them achieve exceptional results. Goff & Howard was formed in 1994, having spun off of an advertising agency dating back to 1966. Today, our team of 14 people represents Minnesota’s first full-service public relations/public affairs firm.(close)

  • Top Rank Online Marketing$1M-$5MLee Odden
    4030 Shoreline Drive, Suite 1005-25 Private
    952-400-0190, 952-400-87842001HQ
    Spring Park, MN 55384
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  • Top Rank Online Marketing is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, our digital marketing and public relations services are provided to companies across North America. Since 2001 Top Rank has helped Fortune 500 companies (and a few Fortune 20’s as well) increase traffic, sales and brand visibility online through a holistic internet marketing approach.(close)

  • Strother Communications Group$1M-$5MPatrick Strother
    222 S. Ninth St., Suite 41005-25 Private
    612-288-2400, 612-288-25041992HQ
    Minneapolis, MN
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    SCG is a full service integrated communication company specializing in global B2B marketing. In today’s world of agency upstarts and reinventions, we’re the rare agency that’s been making our clients better for more than 17 years. Our national and international client relationships are built through listening, trust and partnership, with average client relationships lasting 5-10 years—and still going strong. (close)

  • KC Associates$1M-$5MKirsten Chapman
    1910 Iroquois Drive5-25 Private
    763-449-0444, NA2004HQ
    Long Lake, MN
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  • KC Associates is one of only a handful of technology marketing and PR organizations anywhere working exclusively with B2B IT products and services companies to help them with market development with a full range of integrated marketing and public relations services. We make it a point to acquire intimate client knowledge so we’re conversant about your buyers, industry, products and more. It’s not easy, but it helps us execute faster, better and more cost-effectively.(close)

  • Maccabee Group Inc.$1M-$5MPaul Maccabee
    211 N. First St., Suite 4255-25 Private
    612-337-0087, 952-294-50011996HQ
    Minneapolis, MN
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    The tools Maccabee Group will bring to your company? Exceptional media relations and product publicity, event marketing, experiential and guerrilla promotions, interactive/social media from blogs to online video, trade show support and word-of-mouth/buzz marketing. The results? Increased sales, revenue and market share, new accounts, brand visibility, expanded corporate goodwill, increased Web traffic, and closer connections to your customers, dealers, salespeople and referral sources. (close)

  • Snow Communications$1M-$5MJoshua Schneck
    12 S. Sixth St., Suite 8275-25 Private
    612-337-0747, 612-337-0371 NA HQ
    Minneapolis, MN
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  • Snow Communications is a leading provider of public relations and marketing services. Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Snow has launched technologies, refreshed images of existing technologies, introduced start-ups, raised visibility around innovative products and ideas, and enabled professional service clients to demonstrate their proficiencies and expertise through targeted media relations for a broad range of industries.(close)

  • Beehive PR Inc.$1M-$5MLisa Kolrud Hannum
    1021 Bandana Blvd. E., Suite 2265-25 Private
    651-789-2232 , 651-789-22301998HQ
    St. Paul, MN
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  • Beehive PR specializes in helping organizations discover, create and tell their best brand stories. The kind of stories that drive game-changing results. Consistently. Clearly. At the speed of the Web and the grape vine. We’re a public relations business partner that connects headlines to the bottom line.(close)

  • Fleishman-Hillard$1M-$5MRobert Hanvik
    60 S. Sixth St., Suite 27505-25 Public
    612-337-0354, NA1946Branch
    Minneapolis, MN
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  • Fleishman-Hillard delivers successful communications campaigns for its clients. That was true in the 1940s, when the company was founded, and continues today in the complex media landscape you face. Throughout our history, we have focused on making ourselves as valuable to our clients as they are to us. Here are a few examples of what we’ve helped our clients accomplish:(close)

  • The Sage Group Inc.$1M-$5MElin Raymond
    1801 Emerson Ave. S., Suite 3005-25 Private
    612-321-9897, 612-321-98961992HQ
    Minneapolis, MN 55403
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    The Sage Group is a Minneapolis-based firm specializing in marketing, branding, public relations, and investor relations. The Sage Group develops integrated, strategic programs with a sole focus: Helping you achieve your business objectives and bolstering your bottom line.(close)

  • The Links Group$1M-$5MKristine Sundberg
    333 Washington Ave. N., Suite 2005-25 Private
    612-332-4222, NA NA HQ
    Minneapolis, MN
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  • Providing a complete spectrum of strategic marketing and communications solutions, The Links Group team has the talent and tenacity to help you take your organization to new levels of success. Our team members come from the corporate board rooms, Governor’s offices, news rooms, national agencies and much more. We deliver powerful impact by integrating the branding, marketing, PR, public affairs and all other internal and external outreach.(close)

  • Lilja Inc.$1M-$5MMary Lilja
    8953 Aztec Drive5-25 Private
    952-893-7140, 952-893-78151988HQ
    Eden Prairie, MN
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  • At Lilja Inc., we use a variety of communications tools and strategies to help our clients meet their business goals. We’re a dedicated team of communications professionals with a proud history of relationship-oriented service. For us, it’s all about the Value of Classic. There’s a lot of hype out there about new tools and tactics. But the fundamentals are timeless: Avoid hyperbole. Stick to substance. Build trust. We get at the essence of things. Whether you’re a family business, a national corporation or a nonprofit organization, we can help you meet your goals. (close)

  • C.E.L. Public Relations Inc.$1M-$5MCindy Leines
    15600 36th Ave. N., Suite 1205-25 Private
    763-559-6058, 763-559-66431988HQ
    Plymouth, MN
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  • We help you get the best return on investment for your marketing dollars. Whether it’s re-branding a long-standing event that draws 400,000 people annually, securing feature stories in major newspapers and trade publications for a national best practices association, creating a social media campaign for an energy expert and author, obtaining tv interview on national Good Morning America for a college’s scientific discovery, or creating a trade show promotion that resulted in 300 prospective customers standing in line at their booth, the C.E.L. team creatively and effectively delivers C.E.L. award-winning campaigns, whether local or national, bring results to our customers.(close)

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