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  • Digital River Inc.$100M+David Dobson
    9625 W. 76th St.1,001-5,000Public NASDAQ: DRIV
    952-253-1234, 952-253-84971994HQ
    Eden Prairie, MN
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  • Digital River, a leading provider of global e-commerce solutions, specializes in helping businesses attract more customers and make more online. Often for less — and with less risk — than maintaining an in-house program. And backed by a multimillion-dollar, triple-redundant datacenter with 99.97+% uptime. We provide everything you need to grow your online business. New tools and technologies that simplify the increasingly complicated world of e-commerce. Best practices and strategies proven in more than 40,000 online stores. Global reach with advanced fraud protection. (close)

  • Compellent Technologies$100M+Philip Soran
    7625 Smetana Lane251-500Public NYSE: CML
    952-294-3300, 952-294-33332002HQ
    Eden Prairie, MN
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    Compellent is a leading provider of enterprise-class network storage solutions that are highly scalable, feature rich and designed to be easy to use and cost effective. Compellent’s Storage Center is a Storage Area Network (SAN) that is designed to significantly lower storage and infrastructure capital expenditures, reduce the skill level and number of personnel required to manage information and enable continuous data availability and storage virtualization.(close)

  • Corporate Technologies$25M-$50MJim Griffith
    6210 Bury Drive101-250 Private
    952-715-3500, 952-715-36011981HQ
    Eden Prairie, MN
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    At Corporate Technologies, we understand that IT issues have the ability to bring businesses to a screeching halt. Our managed services and business IT solutions allow you to focus on business rather than reacting to problems when they arise.(close)

  • Loffler Companies Inc.$50M-$100MJim Loffler
    1101 E. 78th St., Suite 20026-50 Private
    952-925-6800 , 952-925-68011986HQ
    Bloomington, MN
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  • At Loffler, we approach your technology challenges holistically. We assess your current equipment and processes, and identify needs and opportunities for improvement. We then customize a strategy that combines cutting-edge technology and software with outstanding service. Once the updated system is in place, we offer ongoing support. Sometimes a company-wide solution is necessary, whereas sometimes assistance on a smaller scale is sufficient. No matter the size of the project, our Loffler IT experts are always happy to help.(close)

  • Kroll Ontrack$50M-$100MKristin Nimsger
    9023 Columbine Road101-250Public NASDAQ: KROL
    952-937-5161, 952-937-57501987Branch
    Eden Prairie , MN
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    From initial data production, to storage, and to destruction, each stage of the data lifecycle presents unique challenges for those who create, access, organize and manage electronic data. Some of these challenges – such as how you are going to store the data and what you will do when you no longer need it – can be planned for well in advance. Other challenges – such as data loss or other disasters – cannot be anticipated. Kroll Ontrack (then called Ontrack Data International) began providing data recovery services in 1987. Since then, the company has expanded its offering to include many more products and services that, basically, help clients do more with their data. Kroll Ontrack has also expanded its number of data recovery locations – from a single lab in Eden Prairie, Minnesota in 1987 to more than 30 locations worldwide today. The data solutions offered by Kroll Ontrack to businesses, government and healthcare entities, and consumers worldwide have grown to support clients at even more steps of the data lifecycle.(close)

  • Magenic Technologies Inc.$25M-$50MGreg Frankenfield
    4150 Olson Memorial Hwy., Suite 400101-250 Private
    763-398-4800 , 763-521-40901995HQ
    Golden Valley , MN
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  • When it comes to developing an application or integrating it into a production environment, you need a partner that is steeped in the technologies you’ve selected, uses timesaving best practices, and has extensive experience in the development areas you need. That’s Magenic. Magenic’s award-winning technical talent has developed and deployed more than 500 Microsoftbased applications in the past 10 years. We can provide project management and engineering talent, as well as complete project outsourcing for your enterprise, e-business, or business intelligence applications—for a reasonable cost.(close)

  • VMware, Inc.$25M-$50MMark Shavlik
    2665 Long Lake Road, Suite 400101-250 Private
    651-426-6624 , 651-426-33451993Branch
    Roseville, MN
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  • VMware delivers virtualization and cloud infrastructure solutions that enable IT organizations to energize businesses of all sizes. With the industry leading virtualization platform – VMware vSphere® – customers rely on VMware to reduce capital and operating expenses, improve agility, ensure business continuity, strengthen security and go green. With 2010 revenues of $2.9 billion, more than 250,000 customers and 25,000 partners, VMware is the leader in virtualization, which consistently ranks as a top priority among CIOs.(close)

  • N’compass$10M-$25MChristopher Flaherty
    718 Washington Ave. N., Suite 40126-50 Private
    612-379-2100 , 612-676-1161 NA HQ
    Minneapolis, MN
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  • N’compass is a technology solutions company that accelerates your technology, putting your business in the lead. Whether you’re looking for improvements to data center reliability or a complete conversion from traditional to IP technology, our experts have years of experience across several industries. Combining our people with our product offerings and proven process for managing projects equates to deliverable solutions that drive our clients’ bottom lines.(close)

  • Image Sensing Systems Inc. $25M-$50MKris Tufto
    1600 University Ave. W.51-100Public NASDAQ: ISNS
    651-603-7700, 651-305-64021984HQ
    St. Paul, MN
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    ISS is a technology company focused in infrastructure productivity improvement through the development of software-based detection solutions for the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) sector and adjacent overlapping markets.(close)

  • Swat Solutions Inc.$10M-$25MSteve Timmerman
    10700 Hwy. 55, Suite 31051-100 Private
    763-550-0200, NA1997HQ
    Plymouth , MN
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    What started out in 1997 as a software testing company has since evolved into a complete Software Quality organization. SWAT is now able to help software development organizations at all stages of the software development life cycle (SDLC), to ensure that quality is built in from the outset. Our consulting services consist of requirements analysis and SDLC process review, all the way to test automation and performance engineering for client-server and web based applications.(close)

  • Computer Integration Technologies Inc.$10M-$25MChristopher Taylor
    2375 Ventura Drive51-100 Private
    651-450-0333, 651-450-03001992HQ
    Woodbury, MN
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  • CIT’s core competency is our ability to provide end-to-end connectivity to our customers. First, we are a supplier of all types of network components—from servers and switches to workstations and printers. Second, we can also assist your organization with complete network services that can either complement your existing IT staff or to completely outsource your IS functions, whatever best fits your organizational needs.(close)

  • Datalink Corp.$10M-$25MPaul Lidsky
    8170 Upland Circle51-100 Private
    952-944-3462, 952-944-78691987HQ
    Chanhassen, MN
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    An information storage architect, Datalink has helped companies address complex, information storage, management, and protection challenges for more than 20 years. Long-term customer relationships are driven by our consultative-led approach and proven, field-tested expertise.(close)

  • Asset Recovery Corp.$10M-$25MMarshall Johnson
    2299 Territorial Road51-100 Private
    651-602-0789, 651-602-02021987HQ
    St. Paul, MN
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    Asset Recovery Corporation, provides IT asset management services, environmental electronic recycling, computer recycling and NAID certified IT asset disposition for computer and electronic equipment.(close)

  • Evolving Solutions Inc.$10M-$25MJaime Gmach
    3989 County Road 11626-50 Private
    763-516-6500, 763-516-65551997HQ
    Hamel, MN
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    Evolving Solutions Inc. architects and implements IT solutions for business continuity planning and management and disaster recovery planning and testing. From system analysis through installation and training, Evolving Solutions works with IT departments to solve key business issues. Evolving Solutions ensures your business is prepared with its reliable server and storage virtualization products and solutions. Explore Evolving Solutions’ disaster backup and data recovery solutions today.(close)

  • BHI Advanced Internet Solutions$10M-$25MDave Perrill
    7599 Corporate Way5-25 Private
    952-279-2200, 952-279-22991994HQ
    Eden Prairie, MN 55344
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  • BHI Advanced Internet specializes in providing robust, secure, and high-performance Internet hosting and security services for a wide range of clients all across the United States. For over 14 years BHI has worked to earn the reputation as one of the leading hosting companies due to this commitment to security, reliability, and performance.(close)

  • Milestone Systems Inc.$25M-$50MLars Thinggaard
    12400 Whitewater Drive, Suite 100 26-50 Private
    866-646-9211 , 888-215-5428 2000HQ
    Minnetonka, MN
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  • Milestone uses all our resources – top engineering talent, best-of-breed hardware, a decade of network enhancement experience – to provide complete solutions for you. We deliver high availability and network security from both internal and external threats for your mission-critical applications.(close)

  • Icentera Corp.$5M-$10MCraig Dembeck
    14551 Judicial Road, Suite 12126-50 Private
    952-898-0888 , 952-898-30202003HQ
    Burnsville, MN
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    iCentera is changing the way businesses communicate with a centralized marketing message vehicle that uses a powerful concept we call 360° Sales Enablement™. Simply put, we deliver enterprise-strength portals through our patent-pending Portals for Mortals® approach — easy to use, customizable, private websites that enable companies, sales channels and their customers to communicate and collaborate with any audience.(close)

  • Ban-Koe IT Solutions Group$10M-$25MBill Bangston
    9100 35W S., Suite 1005-25 Private
    952-888-6688, 952-888-0304 1981HQ
    Bloomington, MN
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  • We will take stock of your entire network to determine what can be used short term, long term and what should be replaced. Our goal is to preserve as much of your current investment as we can. This will also give us a better understanding how your system is being utilized.(close)

  • Solid Logic$5M-$10MBob Barker
    14867 Boulder Pointe Road5-25 Private
    952-949-0140 , 952-949-86021992HQ
    Eden Prairie, MN
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  • We match your business strategy with the correct tools, technology and processes to gather, report, and analyze the information you need. Let us give you a strategic advantage by blending leading technologies, industry best practices, and your company’s key measurements.(close)

  • MSI Systems Integrators$5M-$10MJohn Schmelzle
    7760 France Ave. S., Suite 13105-25 Private
    952-896-6300, 952-896-63991994Branch
    Bloomington, MN
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  • MSI Systems Integrators (MSI) is prepared to help you address the on demand marketplace enterprise-wide. Our analysis targets the underlying business processes that control performance throughout your corporate structure. The result will be solutions tailored to encompass all connections, opportunities and resources that make the difference.(close)

  • Enterprise Network Systems$5M-$10MThomas Reardon
    3140 Neil Armstrong Blvd., Suite 3305-25 Private
    651-683-9141, 651-683-05841993HQ
    Eagan, MN
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  • ENS is a Technology Integration Consulting firm, helping companies increase their competitive advantage through technological enhancements. For over fourteen years, ENS has designed, installed, and serviced LAN’s and WAN’s for some of largest and most progressive businesses in the Minneapolis & St. Paul MN area. Our years of technical expertise – enhanced by continuing research and education – make us an ideal technology resource. We can keep you informed of the latest technological developments and solutions, and can help you differentiate between leading edge and “bleeding-edge”. (close)

  • Brimark Consulting Group$1M-$5MBrian Wilson
    15105 Minnetonka Industrial Road, Suite 2255-25 Private
    952-939-9039, 952-516-55601996HQ
    Minnetonka, MN
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  • Founded in 1996 Brimark Consulting Group was formed to provide and assist businesses with their telecommunications and IT infrastructure. Our mission is to integrate the best resources to create business solutions. We take the best of breed components and integrate them into a cohesive system that provides positive business results. We measure our success by the effectiveness, efficiency, and customer satisfaction of the systems that we develop.(close)

  • Integral Business Solutions$1M-$5MLorna Alamri
    2277 Hwy. 36 W., Suite 1605-25 Private
    877-817-4712, 651-631-25442000HQ
    Roseville, MN
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  • Integral Business Solutions is your expert partner for security engineering solutions. We are the recognized industry leader offering training services and expert implementation experience with the Oracle Adaptive Access Manager (OAAM) product family – providing secure, web-based strong authentication, and enterprise fraud detection and prevention capabilities.(close)

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